A Coffee with a face: Margarito Jimenes / Farm Los Naranjos

A coffee with a face
I met Margarito Jiménez 4 years ago, totally outraged to have done a selective cutting and careful processing of his coffee. he had witnessed his coffee being mixed with other poor quality coffees.

What good is the effort of one he told me, if when selling the coffee they mix it, be it good or bad, it goes to the same bag. I tried to cheer him up and just as Margarito promised the next harvest he arrived at Pacayal with his wet parchment coffee, smiling he told me he will not mix it right.

While we had a cup of coffee in the office, well if you can call it that, which was my sister Karen’s house at that time, Margarito told me that he should have taken the coffee loaded on his shoulder about 3 kilometers to where he passed the bus that leads to Marcala. He had left at 4 in the morning and was arriving in Pacayal at 9:00 am.

He also told me that he had to transfer the cherry coffee to a neighbor’s benefit since He had no benefit, that reminded me that at the beginning Pacayal had to do it himself, so I understood Margarito well.

Margarito told him before he left I want him to see something, to which he gladly agreed, he did not give me time to explain anything. Margarito interrupted me, “this coffee that I passed him was ruined he told me”, he smiled and I said no. Friend this is a Honey process, and here you can see a natural process, which corresponds to the same farm as the washed process.

Margarito was fascinated with that experience, at that time it was strange to see this in Honduras, I took him to a quality control laboratory, and I gave him a spoon to taste the coffees that were being tasted, I explained how the traceability process was and coffee quality control.

Margarito left happy that day, I already got hold of the afternoon, he told me, but I’m going to come back another day so that he can teach me more. Two months later Margarito was arriving again, this time he came with two samples of coffee, one Honey and the other Natural.

I bring the rest of the harvest, he told me, this time in dry parchment washed well processed and at 11% humidity. I ordered a hiatus in the laboratory and we would taste the coffees of amigo Margarito, in the three processes the washed coffee was 83 points, the Honey was the lowest with 82 points and the natural coffee improved to 84.5 points in SCA format.

It was a joy for all of us, we had found not only a solution to the problem of wet milling, but we had also improved the attributes of the rate, today Margarito continues to learn and improve, his coffee for this harvest achieved 86 points in SCA format, with notes of: Sweet, Floral, Chocolate, Fruit, Stone fruit, molasses, vanilla, honey, milk chocolate, grape, melon, citrus, stone fruit, honeydew, tangerine, peach.