A natural process, also known as dry, is to return to the basic fundamentals that came from Ethiopia. The cherry is preserved with the bean and there is not much handling of the coffee while it dries. To carry out this process it is necessary to have certain weather conditions to ensure an appropriate drying time for the fruit and the almond.

As the science of coffee advances, we have managed to overcome the myth that coffee with a natural process is of poor quality and we have been able to verify that a good natural process can provide much more exotic notes than a washed process, although this does not apply to everyone coffees and all areas, it is important to value scientific knowledge about the fermentation process of the grain, better known in the world of coffee as Q Processig, if we want to achieve good results.

The natural process is also appreciated for its ecological value and mitigation of climate change, this process, unlike the washed process, does not use water and also reduces the consumption of electrical energy by 50%, so we ecologically have a great profit.

Since 2015 at Pacayal Coffee SA we began with our producers to work on this process, achieving very good results, 2017 the producer Natalia Pineda, Finca Las Flores, achieved 4th place in the rate of excellence in Honduras, we also achieved second and third place in coffee with processes in the ECOJUSTO special coffee competition, organized by the Honduran Fair Trade coordinator and the first place in ECOJUSTO 2018, with a panel of 15 tasters from Honduras, Canada and Italy.

Also in 2018 we were awarded the “Innovation in Processig Award, by the importer Sustainable Harvest Inc. where we are nominated together with production companies from Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala. Also that same year, 4 of our coffees: La Lupita farm, Los Alpes farm, Johelyta farm and Las Flores farm, were selected among the 12 best coffee in the importer’s supply chain and auctioned through the event called LA LUCHA developed in the SCA, Seattle, Washigton.

In the 2019/2020 harvest, three of our Natural coffees: Finca Los Alpes, Finca San Jacinto and Finca Los Aguacates, have been selected among the best 26 coffee in the DO MARCALA region and will be auctioned in the first Auction in the region on September 8, 2020 Everyone invited to participate. Currently we have 4 young people trained in Q processig, who are helping producers and other young people, also the group of women of the organization has begun to make flour based on coffee pulp, tea and derivatives such as cookies, bread among other recipes . When all this improves and we can hug each other again, do not forget to visit us, we will surely toast with a good coffee.